Admissions 2023/2024 Fall semester

IRK – registration guidelines

IRK – registration guidelines

Guide for the candidates to the Doctoral School

Lists of candidates admitted to the Doctoral School of the WUT for the winter semester 2023/2024 

Ranking lists of candidates within given disciplines - the admission for the 2023/2024 fall semester


The registration of candidates will be conducted via the IRK system from June 21, 2023.

2022/2023 Spring semester admissions schedule

2023/2024 Fall semester admissions schedule

STAGE                                                           DATE
Registration and submitting documents in the IRK electronic system  21.06-14.08.2023
Interviews  25.08-08.09.2023
Publication of the ranking list  13.09.2023

Submitting additional documents in the IRK electronic system:

  • a document confirming a title which entitles to apply for the School (diploma), and in case of lack of one, a certificate of passing the diploma exam issued by the Faculty/Institute (if the mentioned documents were not uploaded to the system yet)
  • declaration on the selection of one doctoral school/scientific discipline
Publication of the list of the admitted 25.09.2023
First day of the Fall semester 01.10.2023

The database of supervisors and research topics

Note! Candidates are obliged to submit the description of a prospective research topic and the acceptance of the supervisor. Therefore, find a potential supervisor before you apply, in order to establish details of the future cooperation. The list of research topics will no longer be available in the IRK system.

A potential supervisor can be found through the database of supervisors. In the database you can find a list of supervisors, the maximum number of students they can cooperate with and their research interests. If you wish to find more information on a particular supervisor, go to the WUT Base of Knowledge -the People  section.

The potential supervisor can be also found by choosing a research area  or a scientific discipline. Useful tabs can be found in the upper left corner of the database.

In the Search field you may insert a key word or a surname, and thus find a research area of your interest or a supervisor representing a particular scientific discipline.


Admission limit to Warsaw University of Technology Doctoral School for the academic year 2023/2024 in compliance with the  Rector's decision is 155 places. The limits of acceptances to the respective discipline in the academic year 2023/2024 can be found in the Doctoral School Head's decision and are.

The recruitment fee for applying for the acceptance to WUT Doctoral School for the academic year 2023/2024 is 200 PLN. 


Search Engine for Promoters and Research Areas


NAWA – Individual Recognition Statement

Candidates from outside the countries of the European Union, along with the recruitment documents submit a certified translation of Master’s diploma (unless it is issued in English) and an INDIVIDUAL STATEMENT issued by NAWA. The document is necessary in order to confirm whether a foreign diploma is equivalent to a Polish one and entitles the candidate to undertake education at a Doctoral School. In order to get a letter confirming that the candidate’s diploma entitles the candidate to undertake education at a Doctoral School, apply for an individual statement according to following instruction: procedure takes approximately 60 days. So, it is important to start the process in advance.