Admission within projects

Candidates who have obtained a scholarship of at least the same amount as the doctoral scholarship, granted for no less than 3 years from the date of potential commencement of education at the Doctoral School, may apply for admission to the Doctoral School. Recruitment of such candidates may occur within the dates provided for in the recruitment schedule for a given academic year and outside of them, particularly when this is justified by the assumptions of the project or program under which the person is applying to the Doctoral School.

Admission for the project takes place outside the admission limits set by the Rector of WUT, however, similarly to recruitment in the "traditional" form, it is competitive, which means that regardless of the previous fulfillment of the requirements necessary to qualify for a given project, the Candidate must meet the minimum requirements specified in the recruitment regulations, necessary for admission to the Doctoral School. The competitive procedure is conducted by the qualification team from a given science discipline.

In cases in which the admission within projects takes place during scheduled traditional admissions, the candidate can register online by using the IRK system, which allows for generating all the necessary forms. Admission outside the traditional schedule takes place without the IRK system. To receive all necessary forms and admission documents, the candidate must contact the Head of the Admission Committee. The Head of the Admission Committee is also a person with whom the candidate must consult all the formal and organizational aspects. 


Important: The candidate can apply for admission within the project provided that he presents the confirmation of positive acceptance to the project (for example in the form of a report from the competition procedure organized for the project) and provides a statement (link) concerning financing the doctoral scholarship within a project. 



  1. Candidate’s qualification for the project (outside competition procedure)
  2. Candidate submitting the confirmation of project qualification and the statement of the planned financed scholarship to the Doctoral School
  3. Registering in the online IRK system and submitting the necessary documents (if the admission takes place during the traditional admission schedule)
    Contacting the Head of the Admission Committee to schedule the admission competition and receive the documents forms (if the admission takes place outside the traditional admission schedule)
  4. Participating in the admission competition (in particular the interview, the date of which the candidate will be notified by the head of the qualification team from the given discipline)
  5. Publishing the results of the admission competition and the decision concerning the acceptance of the candidate to the Doctoral School