Doctoral School of Warsaw University of Technology has been established with WUT Rector's Order no. 120/2021 of December 14, 2021. Since  01.09.2022, Doctoral School had taken over the PhD students and responsibilities of the old five doctoral schools that were existing in Warsaw University of Technology from 15.04.2019 to 30.09.2022. Those on the other hand had been continuing many years of traditional education of doctoral studies conducted by the WUT's faculties.

'Implementation doctorate' program was established by the announcement of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (now the Minister of Education and Science) on May 29, 2019.
The essence of the program is to create conditions to develop the cooperation between universities and socio-economic environment performed within Doctoral Schools and based on educating PhD students in cooperation with the companies employing them.

doktorat eksternistyczny

PhD can be conducted in two ways: being an active participant of a Doctoral School or through extramural mode. 

This mode is intended for people who are employed at a university or other scientific unit on a research or research and didactic position, and for those, who wish to conduct the scientific research individually and don't have possibility to complete full education in doctoral school. 

Admission To WUT Doctoral School takes place in a form of competition scheduled twice during the academic year, within the individual scientific disciplines. 

Science in Doctoral School covers all the essential aspects connected to the work with supervisor, Individual Research Plan and the Mid-Term Evaluation.