How to begin?

When you see your name on the list of accepted PhD students to the Warsaw University Doctoral School, you will only need to do few things:

  • Submit documents necessary for admission. 
    Despite the fact that the whole admission process took place in the IRK system, there are some documents which you must submit in the original form. The documents should be submitted to the PhD Students Office which is found on the Rektorska 4 street, in the room 3.20 on the third floor. 
  • Medical checks. 
    While submitting the admission documents, you will receive a referral for a medical check. It is an essential requirement, as without it you won't be permitted to the laboratories in the university, and conducting the classes within the diddactic practice. More detailed information you will find in the social matters tab, right here
  • Accomodation.
    If you leave outside of Warsaw, you may find accomodation in one of the academics. More detailed information can be found on the website devoted to WUT Students Houses
  • Submitting a vow. 
    In order to became an official PhD Student of Warsaw University of Technology, you must sing the academic vow. You will be able to do it while submitting the admission documents. 
  • Rejestracja na przedmioty. Registration for courses.
    Doctorate is not only the academic dissertation, but also conducting the Educational Program (you may find it in the Download tab). In order to do that you need to register for the courses offered by the School. More detailed information, including the procedure of the registration and the list of offered courses, you will find in the tab devoted to Education
  • Health and Safety course.
    On your e-mail address or on the channel on the MC Teams you will receive information about the ,,Szkolenie BHP", which is the Health and Safety course. It is an obligatory requirement, but the course is conducted in online form. 
  • Wybór Promotora lub promotorów. Appointing the supervisor and supervisors. 
    During the admission proccess you obtained the initial agreement from the supervisor, but now it is time to officially follow the procedure. Supervisors are appointed by the Scientific Discipline Council. You will be informed of a procedure that currently takes places in the USOS system, in which you will need to submit an application. At first, you will only need to appoint your prime supervisor, if you wish to appoint a second supervisor or an assistant supervisor, there will be a possibility to do that in a later term. 
  • Creating an ORCID number. 
    Each scientist and researcher needs to have a personal ID number, with which you can later use while publishing new works and articles. Information of how to do it, you will find on the ORCID website
  • We wish you good luck and fruitful academic work!